Q: What types of injuries do you treat?

A: Many people think that chiropractors only treat neck, mid-back, and low back conditions.  Dr. Dubin’s treatment protocols lead to predictable, successful outcomes for most musculoskeletal injuries including:
·      Neck and mid-back pain
·      Low back pain
·      Sciatica
·      Achilles tendonitis
·      Shin splints
·      Iliotibial band friction syndrome
·      Plantar fasciitis
·      Shoulder injuries
·      And others

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Q: What is a subluxation?

A: Subluxations are slight changes in the position of articulating facet joints (joints between vertebrae) due to trauma, postural overstrain, or visceral disorders that result in compromised motion of the joints. These joints have synovial folds, or surrounding protective tissue, which can become entrapped if put under abnormal stress. Because these joints are rich in nerve fibers, a dysfunction in a joint can cause pain, spasm, and swelling.

Q: What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A: A chiropractic adjustment is a high-velocity, low-force thrust that moves a specific joint passively through its active range of motion and frees up joint motion.

Q: What causes the noise/crack heard during the adjustment?

A: When a high-velocity thrust is applied to the joint, a nitrogen-dense gas quickly escapes from the joint, causing the cracking noise. The adjustment does not crack bone or tear muscles and tendons.

Q: What is the history of chiropractic?

A: Way back in 2700 BC, ancient civilizations from Babylonia to Central America to Tibet practiced manipulative therapies. Later, Hypocrites used manual manipulation to cure a variety of dysfunctions. In 1895, D. D. Palmer founded the formal study of chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. While he was not the first person to utilize manipulation in treatment protocols, he was the first to use the spinous processes (bumps seen going down the spine) and transverse processes of the vertebrae as levers during manipulation. The chiropractic profession is recognized as the largest health profession in the world to utilize intervertebral manipulation and adjustments to free up joint motion and restore function to the body.